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Some of our completed projects in different sectors:
Residential house in Sweden

The goals of the project were to model the residential house in Revit based on the existing 2D drawings and create photorealistic renders of the house.
Microdistrict planning and design
Our architects have developed two concepts of a village: with regular layout and mixed layout. Individual houses, townhouses, blocks-of-flats, park, work-out zones, football field, etc. are foreseen there.
Residential district block of flats design
The goal of the project is design of multi-story houses for the residential district. The houses are designed to meet modern requirements.

Design of Individual Houses From Precast Concrete Panels
Module houses (the modules can be added to the house with the increase of family's requests) and cottages of various area 90-180 sq.m have been designed.

Leroy Merlin
Shopping Mall
The designed multifunctional center is intended for trade, catering, sports, entertainment and educational events.

Mixed-use complex in Senegal
The main goal of the project was to develop an architectural preliminary concept (including a fly-by video) of the multifunctional center in Dakar, Senegal.

In this project, we have applied BIM
technology at all design stages. Architects, structural engineers and MEP specialists were doing cooperative work in Revit.
Mixed-use complex

The designed multifunctional center is intended for trade, catering, sports, entertainment and educational events.

Biomass-fired CHP Plant

The construction of a mini-CHP envisages the commissioning of a new boiler and steam turbine equipment, the modernization of the existing and the installation of new distribution networks, the installation of a new fuel preparation.

ENECA has led the design process end-to-end. For interdisciplinary collaboration, the architectural, structural and process engineering models were created in Revit.

Thermal Power Plant Reconstruction
The power plant is running on natural gas with diesel as a backup fuel. The project was aiming to reconstruct the boiler house with an obsolete steam boiler and replace it with a fire tube steam boiler.

Natural gas-fired mini CHP Plant
Energy Center is designed to supply a plastic goods production plant with electrical and thermal capacity. This energy center is running on natural gas.

Selected projects of Photovoltaic plants

Selected projects of Wind power plants

Selected projects of Biogas and Landfill gas plants

Data Center

The largest Data Processing Centre in Belarus with the capacity of up to 8 server racks and electrical capacity of 8MW. The total area is 35,000 m2. The centre was designed for the safety level TIER 3.

Rosin plant

The project includes the construction of buildings and facilities needed for hard resin production

Steel Structural Projects

Different Steel Structural Projects designed using Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures and Advance Steel software.

Concrete Structural Projects
Different Concrete Structural Projects designed using Autodesk Revit and Tekla Structures software.

In this 3D Animated Video, we see how the company is being built and how the number of employees is growing every year

Video explains fire safety instructions and the steps workers should take in the event of a fire breaking out.

3D visualisation provides an opportunity to see the layout of the building, interior design, lighting, textures before completion of the development process.

In this project the street art graffiti became animated via augmented reality.