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BIM Families Creation
Revit families creation might be tedious and time-consuming work, which requires a specialist to have special knowledge and training. To create an adaptive family that is easy to use and meets its purpose, careful planning is needed.

Our dedicated specialists are trained to model parametric families with different levels of detail. They can create libraries of elements for different disciplines that serve your design purposes.

Our Revit family creation service might be interesting for:

Product manufacturers
We can create libraries of products for manufacturers, who want to provide
their customers with Revit families of their products.

Project BIM coordinators
Our specialists can work closely with your project team in order to deal with
the task of complex Revit families modeling.

Company BIM managers
If your company wants to develop a library of elements that you can use to
optimize your design process, then we can create it for you.

BIM Families Creation