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As an architectural and engineering company, we are proud of our portfolio of office projects completed before the COVID-19 pandemic. They made our clients happy and helped their teams to enjoy the new work space.

However, now the trends are changing. No one knows what the office will or should look like. So our approach in this regard is to pursue flexibility. We would like to help our customers to create flexible and adaptable working areas. Thanks to our experience and research, we have collected a lot of ideas on how to accomplish that. We are inviting office owners to go with us along the journey of figuring out how the future office would look like.

Currently, the offices are mostly dormant, still preparing for the coming reopening.

But what shall we do with the spaces? Shall we reduce them? Shall we keep everything as it used to be? Shall we go in the direction of the home office trend and keep our office more as a collaborative hub?

These and other frustrating questions the office owners are facing right now.

ENECA GmbH wants to help you on this way by providing the following services :
Creating an intelligent digital model of your current office space. We will furnish it with all the necessary information which will be always accessible to you from any device. In order to do that, we will create a laser scan of your existing space and make a 3D digital model on its base. This will be the initial step in creating your office of the future.
The next stage is to conduct extensive interviews with your team in order to understand the needs of your business for office use. We will analyse different work models and together we will decide on what zones and which level of flexibility you require.
After that, we will develop several concepts of your office space. We can take care of Architecture as well as MEP services.
Based on the developed concepts, you are going to choose what fits you best and we will work it out in detail.
We will support you in finding the best suppliers of office furniture, fixtures and equipment.
We will guide you and set up a system for future Facility Management. The 3D Digital model will contain all the necessary information for the Facility Management and you can use it at any point of time. This will help you to plan the Facility Management and space adjustments easily and effectively. This way of managing your office can save you up to 20% of office operational costs.

Our Services

< Office space concept development
< Laser scan of existing office space
< 3D BIM Modeling of an office
< Support in Facility Management
Call for a pilot customer!
We are aiming to help office owners to redesign their office spaces in a way that will help to increase the safety of their workers and decrease the vulnerability of the society that is revealed by the latest pandemic.

We are looking for a pilot customer (office owner or a company), who wants to try simple and complex design solutions to organize office spaces that can withstand COVID-19 and other possible viruses by:

  • Providing your office space as an experimentation platform during the research phase (incl. laser scanning and photo)
  • Readiness to try out new technologies, testing Facility Management Tools, and giving us the feedback, etc.

Examples of Our Works

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