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Plugin Share Model

We are glad to share a brief overview of our newly developed automation mean.

This multifunctional plugin helps to automate the process of creating a Shared model and an NWC file in one click. It has a lot of useful utilities that will help you with customizing and cleaning your shared model from unused and unnecessary elements.
Key features:

  • Creating a shared model from the current work project;
  • Sorting base elements into base work sets;
  • Adding prefixes and postfixes to a new model;
  • Exporting a 3D view to an NWC file (needs Autodesk utility to be installed);
  • Deleting view, sheets and schedules in the shared model;
  • Changing offset of the level boundary;
  • Unloading link files in the shared model;
  • Archiving of the already existed shared model;

By default, the model is saved in a specific path according to the ISO standard. That is, one folder earlier, where the storage model is located, and then along the path: “2 - Shared / 1- Task to /”. However, the save path can always be changed by clicking on the “Select folder” button.

The team of the BIM-department at ENECA offers services for the development of the plugins and scripts of any complexity. If you need a plugin to be created for your unique needs or any suggestions, feel free to send your request to info@eneca.ch

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Design Automation

To implement our projects, we apply various automation means (plugins, scripts, macros) made by both our specialists and third-party developers (ruRevit, ModPlus, etc.). The plugins are being developed, using C# and Python. When working in Revit, we intensively use Dynamo. We develop structural solutions in Revit for 3D-reinforcement, using the plugins made specically for our technology. They enable us to create, edit and check the reinforcing elements fast.