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Call for a pilot customer!

We are aiming to help office owners to redesign their office spaces in a way that will help them to increase the safety of their employees and decrease the vulnerability of the people that is caused by the latest pandemic. As this is a complex issue, it is wise to tackle it together with some like-minded organizations and individuals. Therefore, we initiated research with the Luzerne University of Applied Science and Arts (HSLU).

Together with the HSLU, we are going to study the problem that existing offices face due to COVID-19 and come up with simple and complex design solutions to organize office spaces that can withstand not only COVID-19 spread but also the spread of other possible viruses.
What is BIM Coordination?
We are looking for a pilot customer (office owner or a company), who wants to help us to tackle this challenge by:

  • Providing your office space as an experimentation platform during the research phase (incl. laser scanning and photo)
  • Collaborating with ENECA GmbH and HSLU during the research: answering the questionnaires, providing feedback, participating in interviews, etc.
  • Being ready to try out new technologies, testing Facility Management Tools, and giving us the feedback

As a pilot customer, you will get the following benefits:

  • Analysis of your office on a virus spread risk and identification of the office design "weak" points
  • Redesign proposals for your office
  • Full support from our side in case of project execution
  • Recommendations on more effective office space usage
  • BIM Model for Facility Management and choice of the most suitable Facility Management tool
  • As an outcome of the project, you will get a concept tailored for your needs of an open safe environment office based on the latest technologies with decreased risk of viruses (like COVID-19) transmission
  • The positive image of your company, externally via participation in Innosuisse project as well as internally among current and potential employees as they will feel that their safety is your priority.

Please contact us for more details: + 41 78 212 29 95 (WhatsApp, Viber) or info@eneca.ch

Become a pilot customer!

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