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BIM Team

The project team is in command of the whole design. Among the specialists who participate directly in BIM design process, the following roles are normally distinguished:

● Strategic (BIM Manager);
● Managing (BIM Coordinator);
● Technical (BIM Master, IT Specialist);
● Consulting and training (third-party Consultant);
● Production (BIM Author, Designer).

The main task arisen at the beginning of work, when applying new technology - introduction, planning and management. As a rule, a team employs BIM Manager, who analyses demands and tendencies, has deep knowledge of the process and technology and can undertake introduction process arrangement. The manager is responsible for the strategy like in other fields.
bim team, bim master, bim coordinator
BIM Manager cannot arrange the transfer of the company to information modelling all by himself. When working, it is necessary to coordinate and control the work process of real objects. In medium and large companies, BIM Coordinators play this role.
Thus, BIM Coordinator is a person responsible for the information modelling process within an information modelling project.

BIM Master
is another important role. These specialists elaborate standard documentation for their disciplines, help the colleagues to learn new software and function as mediators between BIM Team and the company's departments. BIM Programmer, in his turn, writes plugins and families as well as train the colleagues how to use them.

Production function means model creation and preparation of documents is performed by a designer (BIM Author), who has specific experience and skills in applying the necessary software.

It should be noted that it's not only new software and presenting the result in a new form, but a change in the design process. The significance of cooperation and communication increases - for successful task accomplishment, it's not enough to do only your part of work in a quality manner any more, it is necessary to have team working skills and hone new technologies quickly.

Thus, the building information modelling process should be thoroughly integrated into the existing business model of a design company. It is necessary to train the staff and reform the team carefully as well as delegate the duties smartly considering the areas of responsibility. With this approach, we will get a manageable and efficient process in the end.
ENECA's BIM team includes only experienced practitioners of BIM. A key reason for our success is the quality of the staff. Our BIM team can help support you in many ways from initial proposition through to final rendering and ongoing alterations to design and concepts as the project evolves.

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