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Plugin Links Manager

It is a common case at the start of a project, when a large number of related files are to be loaded into the model and they are located in different folders. Adding files to a project in a manual search mode takes a lot of time. The same happens, when performing a reverse action, i.e. downloading several files at once.
To solve these problems, Links Manager plug-in has been developed, which allows to reduce the amount of time spent for the work with links in Revit Software.

The efficiency is noticeable when it comes to a large number of related elements. When uploading the linked models into a project, you can choose a method, how to load them:
· Alignment of origins of coordinates
· Using common coordinates
· From reference point to reference point.

Besides uploading and unloading links to the project, the plug-in also has additional functionality: copying levels, axes, assigning coordinates and information about the project.
Our IT team has developed and implemented over 100 scripts and plug-ins of various complexity. We develop automation solutions for Revit, Civil 3D, Tekla, and work with API.

The team of the BIM-department at ENECA offers services for the development of the plugins and scripts of any complexity. If you need a plugin to be created for your unique needs or any suggestions, feel free to send your request to info@eneca.ch

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Design Automation

To implement our projects, we apply various automation means (plugins, scripts, macros) made by both our specialists and third-party developers (ruRevit, ModPlus, etc.). The plugins are being developed, using C# and Python. When working in Revit, we intensively use Dynamo. We develop structural solutions in Revit for 3D-reinforcement, using the plugins made specically for our technology. They enable us to create, edit and check the reinforcing elements fast.