Eneca GmbH

Concrete Structures Design

ENECA designs in-situ concrete and prefabricated concrete structures in accordance with Eurocodes. For structural analysis our specialists apply Dlubal RFEM and Idea Statica software.

Our engineers work in Autodesk Revit and Tekla Structures to create a 3D model of reinforced concrete structures. They generate drawings along with reinforcement schedules. Using the Revit plugin developed by our specialists, we check the correctness of the model before forming the reinforcement schedules.
Our Services

• Structural calculation in Dlubal RFEM and Idea Statica
• Workshop drawings for prefab elements
• General arrangement drawings
• Assembly and detailed drawings of steel elements (HQ beams, Petra, Deltabeam, etc.)
• BIM modeling of prefabricated and monolithic structures including prestressed concrete up to LOD400
• Concrete Objects Families Creation
Types of structures
Hollow core slabs
Stairs, landings and balconies constructions
Wall panels (single-layer, two- and three-layer)
Filigree slabes
Steel elements, embedded items (HQ, Deltabeam, Petra and others)
Monolithic structures
Reference Projects