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Mega Park
Mixed-use complex

The designed multifunctional center is intended for trade, catering, sports, entertainment and educational events. It is designed to provide 4,300 m2 for catering facilities, 7,000 m2 for hypermarkets and shops, 3,500 m2 for entertainment facilities and more than 3,200 m2 for sports facilities. The main features of the center will be 9 multiplex cinema halls and an ice rink for skating and ice hockey.
It's a 2-storey square in plan building with overall dimensions 120x302 m.
The structures consist of column foundations and a steel frame formed by columns and trusses.


• Architectural Design
• Steel Structures Design
• Concrete Structures Design
• HVAC Systems Analysis & Design
• Water & Sanitation Systems Analysis & Design
• Electrical Engineering Systems Analysis & Design

BIM Implementation

Revit models were developed for the following disciplines: architecture, structures (concrete and steel), HVAC, Water & Sanitation. The models were developed for Concept Design as well as Detailed Design stages. All these models were put together into one Integral model for coordination purposes.

Location: Belarus
Year: 2019
Key features:
Total area: 120 x 302 m
9 multiplex cinema halls
Ice rink

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